Bangle Size Chart 

Follow these simple steps to determine your bangle size.

Step One: Bring your thumb and your little finger together.

Step Two: Use a measuring tape or cut a strip of paper and wrap it around the widest part of your hand. (As pictured).  If you are using a measuring tape take note of the measurement.  If you are using a strip of paper mark the strip with a pen. Then measure the strip to your marking.  This measurement will be the circumference of your hand.

Step Three: Using the chart find your hand circumference.  You will choose a bangle size that has a diameter that is one size up from your actual measurement.

2.2 2.125 54
2.4 2.25 57.2
2.6 2.375 60.3
2.8 2.5 63.5
2.10 2.625 66.7
2.12 2.75 69.9
2.14 2.875 73
3 3 76.3


Option One: To find your ring size place a ring already own on top of any one of these circles.  The size of your ring is determined by where the circle sits around the inner circumference of the ring. *Note: if your ring falls between two of the sizes, chose the ring size that is larger to ensure it will fit.

Option Two: Print out this measurement guide and cut out the ring sizer. Wrap the ring sizer around your finger and mark your ring size.

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